10 April 2008

America's Favorite Mom Contest - Next Steps

Thanks to all of you who voted for Patti Patton-Bader of Soldiers' Angels during Teleflora's "America's Favorite Mom" contest in March.

With your support, enough votes were generated for Soldiers' Angels to win the March prize of $5000. The funds were used to make a bulk purchase of 1000 sweats for medevaced service members and veterans.

The America's Favorite Mom Contest continues in April, and this time the prize money is $25,000.

In the world of Soldiers' Angels, $25,000 can buy 425 Valour-IT laptops for our wounded hereos. It can buy 500 wounded hero backpacks to send to those most in need. It can buy 50 airline tickets for families and soldiers in need to get back and forth in emergency situations.

So we'd like to ask for your support again. Every day, for the next three weeks, please vote for Patti Patton-Bader for the "Most Popular Mom" in America's Favorite Mom Contest.

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