02 April 2008

No medals or citations, just "love of country and brothers in arms”

Although I was familiar with the story of PFC Channing Moss, I missed Bruce McQuain's Someone You Should Know segment about him at Pundit Review back in December. Nor did I know about the video of the story until Bruce posted about it the other day.

In March of 2006 PFC Moss was hit by an RPG while serving with the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan. Watch the video and you'll understand why Moss, Sgt. John Collier, CW3 Jorge Correa, SFC Daniel Brown, MAJ John Oh, and many others who risked their lives to save his, are all Someone You Should Know.

By the way, MAJ Oh, the surgeon of the 759th Forward Surgical Team at Orgun-E in Afghanistan, served again in 2007 with the 28th CSH near Baghdad.

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