28 April 2008

ANA Commandos and US Special Forces capture and kill insurgents in Kapisa province

Members of the Afghan National Army’s 207th Commando Kandak move toward their objective during a pre-graduation mission, in Kapisa province, April 21-24. During the operation, the Commandos, supported by Coalition [Special Forces] forces, captured one insurgent, killed one other who tried to mount an attack against them and recovered weapons, IED material and rockets. U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Corey T. Dennis.

Update 30 April: Matt Dupee at The Long War Journal provides lots of context around operations in Kapisa province.

“The security situation in Tag Ab remains unstable,” a US military spokesman told The Long War Journal in a recent interview. “Afghan National Security Forces and International Security Assistance Forces are working hard to uproot the localized insurgency. Kapisa is being used as a staging area for attacks into the capital including suicide attacks. Various Taliban and Hezb-i-Islami commanders, in and outside the Valley, realize the importance of maintaining support in this area to keep this facilitation hub open.

The 1st Kandak of the 201st Corps of the Afghan National Army along with other Afghan National Security Forces and supported by Coalition Forces, are currently conducting Operation Mouje Sealam to disrupt insurgent activities, increase the support of the populace for the Afghan government and increase the level of security in Kapisa. The local populace is the most important aspect of bringing safety to the villages of Tag Ab.”

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