15 April 2008

Warhorse Troop Passes Guidon

Lt. Col. Antonio Aguto, a Chicago native, sheaths the saber of Warhorse Troop, 4th Squadron (Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition Squadron), 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, Multi-National Division - Baghdad, during a change of command ceremony Apr. 2. U.S. Army Photo/Master Sgt. Ruth Eggert.

CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq - Many traditions in the Army are time honored events. But none are more enduring or revered as those held by the cavalry. After the guidon is passed and secured by its barer, one of the revered cavalry traditions begins, “Passing of the Saber.”

Lt. Col. Antonio Aguto, of Chicago, who serves as the commander of 4th Sqdn., 2nd SCR, MND-B, dons his riding gloves and draws the saber from its sheath which is no longer in pristine shining glory and passes the saber that shows wear from years of use. He passes the saber to McGarry who salutes Melton as a sign of respect and worthiness to carry on command of the cavalry troop. With the saber held forthright in upward-facing palms, the relinquished commander then offers the saber to the new commander who returns the salute, bows, and kisses the steal he will loyally serve. Once returned to Aguto, the saber is re-sheathed and returned to his chamber where it is secured.

This change of command marks another chapter in the oldest continuously serving cavalry regiment in the U.S. Army today. 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment will celebrate its 172nd anniversary on May 23rd. “From the Swamps of Florida to the Deserts of Iraq, we 2nd Dragoons have lived up to our Motto Toujours Pret (Always Ready),” said Aguto.

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