20 July 2007

The "Shock Troops" Crap

Ok, this is how a real female service member reacts to adversity:

Just as Padmore reached the scene, he saw Saalman staggering toward him, her charred, flayed hands held up before her, her eyes vacant in a blackened face. She'd lost her rifle during the explosion.

"Sally, pull yourself together," he said. "You are not going to die. I promise: You are not going to die. But we need some leadership."

He watched her expression change instantly from shock to rage. "Somebody give me a fucking weapon!" she screamed. "I need a fucking weapon!"

Running hysterically out of the "chow hall" from a couple of punks, my a$$.

Provided the whole thing ever happened, which is more than doubtful. Deconstructions here, here, and here.

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