17 July 2007

Calling All Brits! (and those who love them)

Now this is a pretty sad state of affairs. Please pass this on to any Brits you know and tell them they need to show their "Squaddies" the love!

Sir / Ma'am

My name is Lt Dave W. currently serving with the British Army in Basrah, IRAQ. A few weeks ago I had to escort a prisoner from Basrah by air to the field hospital at Balad US Base.

My stay was only short with in the hospital, but it gave me enough time to see what a good job the doctors and nurses from the US forces are doing for serving personnel and civilians alike in the North of Iraq.

On speaking to a few of the staff, I was told of your organisation and how much you do for the soldiers defending your country. I can only wish that an organisation, like yours, starts to flourish for the British Army.

Ive only just managed to search the internet for Soldiers Angels and again I was amazed by the amount of support you offer. One of the casualities I was talking to was wearing a grey Soldiers Angels T-Shirt and shorts, and I was wondering how I could get some for me and my guys out here.

My platoon is 25 strong and going through a rough time at the moment as we have just lost a well-liked member of the platoon whilst out on patrol. If there is anything at all you could send to keep moral high it would be much appreciated as we have no organisation within the UK who offers the support you do.

Many Thanks for your time,

'May No Soldier Go Unloved'



Lt Dave W.

If you would like to help support this British platoon or any British Soldier please check out Soldiers' Angels Europe, started by my buddy Sandra to support non-US troops.

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