30 July 2007

"Lions of the Two Rivers" Win Asian Cup

Iraq's Younis Khalef holds up the Asian Cup trophy after a 1-0 win over Saudi Arabia in the final on Sunday. (AP)

Watch the Reuters video report, Iraq pulls off fairytale Asian Cup.

MNF-I sends congratulations:
Statement from Multi-National Force-Iraq to the Iraq national soccer team

BAGHDAD, Iraq – We join the people of Iraq in conveying our congratulations to the Iraqi soccer team! We watched every one of your games with excitement and admiration, and are truly delighted you have won the 2007 Asian Cup. Throughout this demanding competition, you represented Iraq with distinction and honor, inspiring all Iraqis by your unity, teamwork, dedication and athletic ability. We salute you and congratulate you on this tremendous achievement.

Update from Omar at ITM via FbL at the Castle:
Everyone seemed in a hurry buying what they need to before they all go home to sit in front of the TV sets.

I returned home, filled all three generators with gasoline just in case one of them fails us, which is something that happens quite often. I also put several cans of beer in the fridge and brought some Pringles chips.

Beer and chips while watching sports on TV. Some things are the same all over the world...
Our players, tonight our heroes, learned that only with team work they had a chance to win.

May our politicians learn from the players and from the fans who are painting a glorious image of unity and national pride, and let the terrorists know that nothing can kill the spirit of the sons of the immortal Tigris and Euphrates.

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