19 July 2007

Badger 6 Television Interview

Must-see TV interview with Badger 6 from Iraq and Mrs. Badger 6 from home on their local TV station.

Click here to watch.

From the KSDK NewsChannel website:

In al Anbar province, Captain Eric Coulson is in charge of route clearance. His unit removes IEDs from the roads. It's admittedly a dangerous job, but one he says becomes a little less dangerous each day. We spoke to Coulson Wednesday via the internet.

He says, "We have made such progress that instead of being a lost cause, al Anbar is talked about as the model for what Iraq could be." ...

The progress Coulson sees goes hand in hand with the frustration he feels. He dislikes the political infighting, the all-nighter on Capitol Hill, and those he feels are making uninformed decisions.

And they have some news:
Karen pays close attention to every debate and decision, especially now. Eric's just decided to sign on for another year in Iraq.

Read/watch the whole thing and meet these two extraordinary people, who believe that this "is the right thing to do, for the success of the mission and the safety of others."

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