13 June 2007

Where Angels Walk

To Everyone at Soldiers' Angels,

Thank you very much. All of you at Soldiers' Angels are amazing. I really don't know what else to say except thank you.

I first received your help when I was medevaced to Germany. It seemed that every time I turned a corner you were there. From the time I got to the CSH and throughout my stay in Germany. So many things donated by all of you helped me out in transit and during my time at Germany.

One thing that I got, I carry it with me everywhere I go, is your gold pin. I have attached a picture of me and the pin while out on a 2 day sniper mission.

Thank you all.

I walked today where angels walk;
A stranger smiled when I was down.
A kind word spoken to my need;
I look to see; no one's around.

- Linda S. Van Fleet

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