28 June 2007

Cuppa Joe


I wanted to send a thank you to “Solders’ Angels” for the steel coffee cup.

I guess I should start over and explain this note (sorry been deployed too long). In 05 I was in Bagdad and then to Afghanistan in 06 and I am still going here in Afghanistan till the spring of next year.

A couple weeks ago our truck got a blast from a bomb, by GOD'S GRACE NO ONE WAS KILLED. But me and one of my other Sergeants had to go to the Med Station to be checked out. Nothing significant wrong with either of us, so back to work.

But while I was at the Med Station someone gave me a cup from your outfit with some coffee – I swear that “Angel” on the side of the cup was the greatest thing after a “bad day at the office”.

I am back at my FOB and I can’t find the cup but the thought someone cared enough to send those cups sure made this old Sergeant's day.

Thank You from one Infantry Sergeant here in Afghanistan.


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