15 June 2007

My buddy Rog, SA's Tactical Medical Support Director

Photo Kendra Helmer / Kane County Chronicle

Roger Godskesen is Tactical Medical Support Director of Soldiers' Angels - he works with the Combat Support Hospitals and other medical personnel downrange. We compare notes a lot ;-)

From his blog earlier this week:

Just before Memorial Day a few weeks ago, I was headed into the post office. A reporter from the local paper: the Kane County Chronicle - was doing man in the street interviews on "what does Memorial Day mean to you". Well, they picked the right guy for that! I also gave him my Soldiers' Angels business card and suggested that if they ever have a slow news day over at the paper, to call me up.

Sure enough, last week he called and wanted to do a story on Soldiers' Angels. The reporter was very thorough - he even tracked down Patti and talked to her by phone. He asked for one of my medical contacts and emailed him some questions, too. I thought he did a nice job of the article - made it about Soldiers' Angels and what we're doing, rather than just focus on one person's role.

Read the rest at Roger's blog and make sure to click through to the interview which starts, "Geneva resident Roger Godskesen is an Angel, but he doesn’t have wings or dance on the head of a pin."

He doesn't? ;-)

Oh, and you absolutely must check out his Vagisil story...

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