25 June 2007

DJ Emery Update

Jamie's daughter Allysan with her "best bud" DJ at the Malogne House. Photo courtesy Jamie Jones.

Family friend Jamie sent me the link to a great article about DJ in yesterday's CentreDaily.com.

Some quotes from DJ, the first about the "encounters that really matter" - those with other veterans:

"When a doctor tells you that you'll walk one day, and he has two real legs, you're like, 'whatever,' " Emery said. "But when a guy comes in on two prosthetic legs, and they're standing there, it makes everything possible."

Hard, painful work: DJ grimaces during physical therapy. He's doing "really incredible", according to therapists. Photo Chuck Kennedy/MCT.

...and my personal favorite, on the visit from President Bush:
"I dunno; he's just another person, you know?" Emery recalled from his bed. "He invited me to the White House. Hopefully I can get some running legs and go running with him and smoke his ass."

DJ holding little Carlee in his room at Walter Reed. He's vowed to walk before she does. The flag on the wall is from the Marines of his unit, recently returned home from Iraq. Photo Chuck Kennedy/MCT.

Make sure to read the whole thing... about waking up over 2 months after the bomb blast ("What the f*ck happened to my legs?") and how from that moment on, the fight was his...

Rock on, Devil Dog. Can't wait to see you smoke the CINC's ass.

Click to read more stories about DJ here at SAG.

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