04 April 2006

The "Worst Part of War"

From Soldiers' Angels Linda: "I wanted to share an email from one of our soldiers at Task Force Thoroughbred in Afghanistan. He is looking for toys for an Afghan family whose daughter was wounded by a land mine."

I wanted to take a minute to say thanks for the support from you and your organisation. The cards, letters, e-mails and packages are great.

I have another request for you. My team has kind of adopted a family here with 10 children. One of the daughters stepped on a land mine left behind from the Russains and lost her leg.

We're tring to find stuffed animals and simple toys for her and her siblings. They are 3 to 12 y/o. We also team up with the chaplain from time to time for other kids here.

The worst part of war is what happens to the kids. I wish we could put all the adults in one room and slug it out and leave the kids out of it.

Maybe 20 years from now our kids won't be fighting each other. I'd like to say I fought in the last battle of the last war ever fought. But I've been fighting them for 20 years and I don't think anything going to change any time soon.

So if any of your people would like to help please let me know.

If you can help please email me and put toys on subject line.

Thank you Angels and Friends.

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