15 April 2006

Easter at Kleber Outpatient Barracks, Landstuhl

Amanda and I were in surprisingly good shape after the late-night "Film Festival" at Kleber on Saturday. It had gotten way too late for her to take a series of buses and trains home so we snuck her into my hotel.

After a beer at the bar (I was worked up and she was falling asleep), we went up to my room, pulled the twin beds apart, threatened each other under penalty of being made to sleep in the hall not to snore or make any noise whatsoever during what was rest of the night, and slept like logs.

It's always easier when someone is as neurotic as you are ;-)

But I digress. It was probably easy to feel good because today was going to be (early) Easter at Kleber.

World's cutest and cuddliest Easter Bunny.

Everybody loved this Easter bunny, including the Commander. I don't know who ended up with him, but if I had to take a guess I'd say one of the patients took him home for his/her kids.

We had the fun job of putting together and decorating the Easter baskets, one with real hard-boiled, colored eggs.

Lynda's home made chocolate.

Maybe I've led a sheltered life, but I didn't know you could "make" chocolate. Soldiers' Angel Lynda sent enough for an entire basket. Like Soldiers' Angel Sara and yours truly, Lynda comes from New Jersey. People from NJ rock!

CQ SPC H enjoys one of Lynda's home made chocolate lollipops.

You may remember SPC H from the Saturday post. Like some of the other CQs, he completed a tour in Iraq before joining the MTD at Kleber. His unit replaced the 617th MP CO, home of Raven 42 (a must-read from Blackfive), a squad with multiple Silver and Bronze Star recipients.

In fact, another one of the CQs here was the first female Soldier to receive two Purple Hearts in Iraq. I'll have to tell you her story some day...

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