28 April 2006

FReep at Walter Reed Last Friday

Gunn Nutt's got an extended post up from the FReep last week with lots of photos:

A Lotta New Friends at Walter Reed

Like I reported earlier, it was wet. Not that it scared too many people off - we had a great crowd of FReepers, friends, heroes and milbloggers who were in town for the Milblog Conference.

Going to the FReep was one of the hightlights of my trip and something I'd wanted to do for a long time. Gunn Nutt and the other FReepers ROCK!

Thanks again for having us!

Update: BillF has the "FReep #53 Report" up at Free Republic here with more pics.

Opposed to our at least 37 patriots, the Pinkos only had 7 America-hating traitors and their dupes when I counted, but they may have had a few others who left early. They were outnumbered, yet again, even in the liberal bastion of Washington, DC.

Although we outnumbered the Pinkos, we had the bloggers and that helped us get the troops out to join us in large numbers. We need you there this Friday to continue outnumbering the Pinkos.

If you're in or near DC on a Friday evening, take part. You'll be glad you did.

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