06 April 2006

"Every time they hear mail call, I'm hounded for more letters from Soldiers Angels... "

To whom it may concern,

I recently signed up with Soldiers' Angels. Just know that I really don't talk to many people, well, I guess they don't talk to me because I am actually deployed at the moment with the USS Abraham Lincoln.

Just know that I appreciate everything you do. I think that its wonderful on how people contact just random people they don't even know with words such as ones people in my division have received. With my division alone, 3 Angels have sponsored my shipmates. I think it's great, and they are currently in contact with I think last count was 8 or 9 seperate families.

It's great, because all 3 have had rough times so far on this deployment. Every time they hear mail call, I'm hounded for more letters from Soldiers Angels for our shipmates. Frankly, I would have it no other way.

At times, it's rough on our ship, others it's a breeze. It all goes day by day.

But more importantly, I want you all to know that what you do does matter, it's had a major impact on my shipmates, on my friends. Please keep it up, because they write back to every letter they receive out of their own free will.

Please know that everything you do is appreciated, and you all have more friends then you actually know. More supporters, and more people who will back you then I think any other
organization I have ever heard about. Keep up the good work and please take care of yourselves.

Very sincerely and respectfully,

Kxxxx Wxxxx
USS Abraham Lincoln

Dear Kxxxx,

Thank you so much for your email. It is always so awesome to hear back from the men and women who we support, and who we honor as heroes of our nation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do – all that you sacrifice – for our freedom and security.

There is no way that we will ever be able to repay you or to thank you enough for all that you do. So we are very happy that our support – our letters and care packages – help to brighten up your day. Just know that we all support you in everything you do and pray for your safety and quick return home.

If there is ever anything that I can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to let me know. We will do everything we can to help you, or a comrade, should you need it. So just let me know and thank you again for all that you do!


Donald William MacKay
Executive Director
Soldiers' Angels

Dear Don,

Thank you so much for your email. It was really nice to receive it, and it's no problem to write back. Your organization has helped so many of my shipmates out, most of the time when they really needed it as well. It's really great that people like you exist, I feel honored just to have received a reply.

Thank you for your kind words, hopefully I will return home safely for my wife and child. And just know that anything Angels ever send I will respond to as quickly as possible.

Also, I want you to know that I have spoken of your organization to my family and friends, so hopefully they sign up to adopt more soldiers. My brother is in EOD for the Army, so almost every single family member I has is either veterans or finishing up enlistments now, including my friends in Iraq at the moment.

Just thank you Don, and please extend a great "THANK YOU" to your Angels and fellow workers. Its really appreciated, I mean that from my heart and soul.


Kxxxx Wxxxx
USS Abraham Lincoln

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