20 February 2006

Vets for Freedom

Laurie at Soldiers' Angels New York has an excellent post up about an organization called Vets for Freedom.

An excerpt from their Mission Statement:

The Global War on Terror is being fought on two fronts. Our troops are performing magnificently in Iraq fighting a tough and dirty enemy. We are winning in Iraq through a combined military, political, diplomatic and economic effort . However, we are losing the war for the will of the American public to see this conflict through because of the distorted means by which it is too often portrayed.

Inaccurate or politically inflamed media reports and policymaker statements based on rumor, speculation and even nonexistent events place an almost singular focus on negative aspects of the conflict versus any attention to many successes that take place almost daily. Those of us from the frontline have a much different view, but for reasons beyond our understanding, our perspective has been largely ignored. Vets for Freedom seeks to change this environment, providing viewpoints both positive and negative on what will be needed to achieve victory.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars have been difficult, dangerous endeavors. But we are literally in the process of changing the world, which, as we know, is not an easy task. I am a firm believer that it is America’s duty to itself and its obligation to the world to fight terror and advance democracy across the globe. I fought in the Iraq War and I saw firsthand the horrors and atrocities of a war against an evil enemy. I am determined to win this war. However, we cannot win this war without your support. I hope you will join me and thousands of other veterans as we continue to fight for the cause of freedom. To be successful, veterans and their supporters must now fight the second front of this war. We must win the American people to win in Iraq.

Read Laurie's entire post (and follow the links), and make sure to visit the Vets for Freedom website.

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