16 February 2006

Stats From Recent Visit to Landstuhl and Kleber

Backpacks and Duffel Bags

118 First Response Backpacks were provided to the Chaplains office, DWMMC, and 101st Liaison at Landstuhl and the outpatient barracks at Kleber.


About 30 empty backpacks and duffel bags were distributed to the Chaplains office at Landstuhl and outpatient barracks at Kleber. The patients often need these for the trip back home.

Valentine's Day Stuff

We prepared 3 boxes of candy and cards for the outpatient barracks at Ramstein Inn and Fisher House...


...and 8 folders with hundreds of Valentine's Day Greetings From Home were collected from Angels and placed at Kleber outpatient barracks, Ramstein Inn outpatient barracks, Fisher House, and the wards at Landstuhl Hospital.


We also had baskets of candy for the outpatients at Kleber barracks.


Hand and Foot Warmers for Landstuhl Hospital Intensive Care

Over 200 hand and foot warmers were brought to the ICU for the critical patients' medevac flight home.


Soldiers' Angels Germany Storage Room

And last but not least, everything in the Soldiers' Angels work/storage room at Kleber needed to be packed up for storage due to upcoming renovations.



As always, THANK YOU Angels and Friends for your support. We couldn't do any of this without you!

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