11 February 2006

Soldiers' Angels Provides Hand/Foot Warmers to Landstuhl ICU

"I knitted for our boys during WWII, and I can do it for them now, too."

Last December Soldiers' Angels started a project to keep the extremeties of critically wounded patients warm during medevac flights back to the US.


ICU patients are often unconscious and on IVs which lowers body temperature, so keeping them warm is important. And due to large dressings and arterial lines, it was difficult to find a commercially available product for this need.

Soldiers' Angels Sharon and Cynthia in the US created the first prototypes which were brought by Soldiers' Angels Germany to the hospital staff. Some modifications were made before a volunteer team of over 60 groups and individuals started production.


Last week Soldiers' Angels Germany delivered the largest shipment to date - over 200 pairs of fleece hand and foot warmers.

On behalf of Soldiers' Angels and our wounded soliders, we would like to thank all of the wonderful people who have participated in this project. They include veterans providing fleece donations, Cub Scouts, church groups, and many, many individuals, including an 82-year old who said, "I knitted for our boys during WWII, and I can do it for them now, too."

If you can knit or sew and would like to help with this or other Soldiers' Angels patient projects, please email me.

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