17 February 2006

Friday Links

Pam at Iraq War Today has a great story about Sew Much Comfort, a "global sewing circle" making adaptive clothing for recovering wounded soldiers.

In today's Dawn Patrol Mrs. G points us to a Michael Totten piece about Iraqi Kurdistan called "This Is Your Country".

Iraqi Kurdistan is more pro-American than America. People there refer to George W. Bush as “Hajji Bush” (meaning he made the Muslim pilgrimage, the hajj, to Mecca), an incredibly high honor for a Christian from Texas whom most people hate. Bill Clinton may have been America’s first “black” president. But people in at least one part of the world say Bush is the first “Muslim” president. Weird and amazing, but true.

And if you haven't seen it yet, the National Review Online asked some bloggers and writers to write a tribute to the number one woman they love - the catch being they could not name their wives or mothers.

Matt at Blackfive contributed this:

This Valentine's Day message is about a different kind of love story. It's about a woman named Patti Patton-Bader, who started an organization called Soldiers' Angels...

You should also check out Blackfive's New Abu Ghraib Photos.

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