27 February 2006

Our Canadian Friends Stand With Us Again To Show Support During Cindy's Protest

From Candace at the Canadian blog Waking Up On Planet X:

Soldiers Angels Germany

Many of you will remember the American-based organization Soldier's Angels stepping up to the plate to support our Canadian heroes as they were treated in Germany.

Well, it's payback time. The mother of all nightmares, Cindy Sheehan is planning a protest outside the hospital in Germany where American GIs (and, when necessary, Canadians) are stabilized for the return home.

A commenter suggested a flurry of emails & get-well cards for the heroes, ideally timed to arrive right around the time Cindy settles in to stir it up.

I invite you to click not just on the story link, but on the "write patients" link on the sidebar to get details.

Thanks, Candace.

CTV.ca published an update on the three soldiers on Saturday. Cpl. Bailey, the most seriously injured is still in critical condition but is now expected to survive, while Master Cpl. Franklin has had his second leg amputated below the knee. Pte. Salikin was released from the hospital last Thursday. We wish them all the best for a speedy recovery.

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