17 February 2008

Prayers needed for our Hero DJ Emery

Our friend and Hero DJ Emery has suffered a serious setback over the past couple of days after a scheduled surgery.

Here is the latest update from family friend Jamie:

Hello again everyone. I just spoke briefly with Connie a few minutes ago. She said DJ took a turn for the worse overnight. She had called late last night and said that they had done an EKG on DJ and were bringing in a specialist to check out his heart. They did find fluid around his heart, but the doctors don't think it is what is causing his high white blood cell count. Connie also said that DJ's magnesium levels are low, so he is getting some of that. Connie was allowed to stay with DJ last night after he was moved down to the 3rd floor. Around 5:00 this morning he woke her up and said that he didn't feel right. Connie got the nurse and said that DJ is now on oxygen. She had to go, but is supposed to be calling again later, so I will update again when I get some more news.

You all know how hard he has fought since being severely wounded one year ago, and now he could really use some more of the prayers and love sent his way back then.

If you would like send DJ a card here is the address:

Sgt. David Emery
c/o National Naval Medical Center
3rd West
8901 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, Md 20889

Click to read more stories about DJ here at SAG.

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