21 February 2008

Big excitement on the new Pech River Road

Rock 6, LTC Ostlund, and his interpreter Sammy ask each of the children their names and tell jokes and stories while handing out Beanie Babies.

Here's a cute story from CJTF-82 Operations. 2-503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment (TF Rock) of the 173rd ABCT was traveling down Pech River Road after meeting with Watapur District Governor, Zalmay, when the TF Rock Battalion Commander, LTC Ostlund, decided to redirect the convoy to the communities of Chagan, Doshakheyl, and Qazan.

Once the convoy pulled in, the Afghan National Army Soldiers and 2-503rd Paratroopers waved the children over and soon there were 30-40 excited children - including those from passing vehicles which stopped when they saw the crowd.

Then Manogai District Governor Rahman happened to drive past and HE pulled over to join the festivities. He spoke with the children, encouraging them to stay in school and stressing the importance of education. Governor Rahman also told the children to be very careful with the new road – not to play near the road and ALWAYS look both ways before crossing.

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