13 February 2008

Operations in Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan

Students of Oshay School, in the Shahidi Hasas District of Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan, show off their new notebooks on the opening day of classes Feb. 10. Afghan National Army Commandos from the 201st Kandak and Coalition forces visited with students, teachers and parents providing school supplies for the more than 120 children attending opening day classes. (U.S. Army Photo)

Oruzgan is located in central Afghanistan but considered part of the south due to its cultural and tribal links to Kandahar. Taliban leader Mullah Omar was born in Oruzgan province.

Elsewhere in Oruzgan, CJFT-82 reports on operations likely involving elements of the 82nd Airborne.

An armed assailant was killed and three individuals were detained during a Coalition forces’ operation Feb. 12 in Oruzgan Province to degrade insurgent networks in the area.

Coalition forces performed a search of compounds in the Tarin Kowt district targeting a Taliban commander responsible for conducting anti-government activities.

While conducting a search of one of the compounds, Coalition forces were engaged by multiple armed assailants barricaded in a building. One of the assailants was killed by Coalition forces employing small-arms fire. Another armed assailant who fired on Coalition forces was captured.

Completing the search, Coalition Forces detained three individuals, including the captured assailant who fired on Coalition forces, with suspected links to the Taliban. The detained individuals will be questioned on their involvement with Taliban operations and other extremist activities.

Over at The Long War Journal, Matt Dupee discusses recent arrests of Afghan insurgents in Pakistan, the northeast areas of Afghanistan (where the 173rd ABCT operate), and the challenges presented by complex tribal structures.

Although the US military has reported a 40 percent decrease in Taliban activity along Afghanistan’s porous border with Pakistan, the rugged mountain provinces of Nuristan and Kunar tucked away in northeastern Afghanistan have remained turbulent.

Despite the frigid weather and heavy snowfall, insurgent activity in Afghanistan’s northeastern Kunar province has been particularly fierce. According to an Afghan security report obtained by the Long War Journal, Kunar suffered 963 attacks in 2007, making it the second most active province for insurgents, after Kandahar.

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