01 March 2007

Remember Me

If you watch only one video today, make it this one created by Elizabeth "Lizzie" Palmer, a 15-year-old high school sophomore from Columbus, OH.

You hear a lot about "kids today", but when I see our young soldiers and Marines... and things like this from young people like Lizzie, I'm very hopeful.

With thanks to Sara for sending this on.

Update March 2: I just found the following in the comments to this video at YouTube.

I am LTC Jack Eckles.

...the soldier labled "Wife" was a soldier lost to me and my Company. Her name was SGT Regina (Gina) C. Reali, KIA, Eastern Baghdad, 23 Dec. 2005 along with her fellow soldier, SGT Cheyenne C. Willey. I was their commanding officer and we miss them very much. Thank you for such a beautiful tribute.

Godspeed, SGT Reali and SGT Willey. We will remember you both always.

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