10 March 2007

The Gift of Hope: Priceless

Last week Soldiers' Angels put out the call to help the families of Ft Rucker. They suffered the highest loss of life and property from the tornadoes which swept through parts of Alabama on March 1st.

Dear Soldiers' Angels,

My name is SFC Thomas B.. My son and I were home on March 1st when the tornado came through Enterprise, AL. To say that he and I are now bonded with the Lord and to each other in a very special way is simply an understatement.

My daughter was in the high school and while she suffered minor injuries, she is doing as well as can be expected for the experiences she had. My wife was at work and luckily, didn't have to experience the wrath of a tornado at that time. Instead, she spent the next 2 hours just trying to get into our neighborhood to see if my son and I were alive.

As you might imagine, the last week or so has been consumed by salvaging our belongings and prayer. We've moved into a temporary place until our house is rebuilt.

Imagine, if you will, the sense of overwhelming loss at the young lives that were taken, the destruction and then the task ahead. Then, imagine getting a donation of $1000 from your organization to help our battered checkbook.

The gift you folks have given my family will truly be repaid to you a thousand times by the Lord, and we pray for that so you can continue to help others, but we will also place this organization on our donation list once we have re-established our lives here in Enterprise.

Your gift brought with it a product that is priceless. Hope.

My family and I wish to extend our warmest wishes for your continued strength and health as you move about doing great things for those that serve this country of ours. I'm proud to label this organization as our personal Platoon of Angels, for you have certainly helped us in the most angelic of ways. With love and hope.

Tom B. (& family)

Soldiers' Angels would like to thank all of you who helped provid these families with the gift of hope.

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