22 January 2007

No Average Joe

"Back in the real world, I am just your average Joe, no different than any other person on the street."

"Here, the men and women who put on the Uniform make a difference, not only to those that we come in contact with here, but also for those of you at home."

"All the sacrifices, pain and loss that is reported on CNN cannot compare to all the worthwhile things we do here."

"From teaching Iraqi soldiers how to defend their own country to helping a child get to the US for an operation to getting things that would take the whole deployment to get so I can better take care of a village of people and my own soldiers."

"This will be the 16th Christmas I have been away from my family in the past 20 years. This year I have a new family of friends and you all mean as much to me as my own flesh and blood. Thank you for everything you have done for my men and me."

If you'd like to support SGT Art and others like him at the field hospitals and surgical units of Iraq and Afghanistan, email Roger, Soldiers' Angels Tactical Medical Support Director.

More photos, feedback, and information at Roger's blog here.

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