25 January 2007

Army Strong

More SOTU thoughts from MasterGunner
I think his speech has even more meaning to Soldiers who are fighting on the front lines of the War on Terror, especially when seen in the context of the time we are living in. ( ... )

I was thinking about the huge contradiction in our culture as Americans, about a nation founded on courage and loyalty, and the cries to run away like frightened children.

And I was perplexed at the huge disparity between the thousands and thousands of US Soldiers who want to stay and fight, and a loud segment of the American public who no longer supports our efforts. ( ... )

So why does the American Soldier, who feels the sting of War more than anyone else, grind it out here in Iraq? Why don’t they just opt out of reenlisting?

Why, back at home station, do they reenlist to stay with units who are already confirmed to be on orders to deploy back to Iraq?

Find out why.

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