24 January 2007

"Dear Soldier... "

Samantha Anderson and Taylor Pearson

Dear Soldier,

The letter you are holding in your hands (or being read to you) contains some holiday cheer. At the beginning of this holiday season, we started a fundraiser called Cards Connecting Families.

With the help of our community business owners and the individuals surrounding us, we raised over $2,500. With that money, we bought 235 phone cards for you and many of the other soldiers overseas.

We did this to show our courage and commitment, just like you do.

Have a happy holiday and a happy New Year!!!

With Love,

Samantha Anderson and Taylor Pearson
7th grade students at South Middle School
Grand Forks, North Dakota

HOOAH! and thank you Samantha and Taylor on behalf of the patients at Landstuhl hospital who received your phone cards via Soldiers' Angels Germany.

More thanks to Soldiers’ Angels Tri-State Manager, Shelle Michaels, and Officer Sue Shirek of the Grand Forks Police Department.

The Grand Forks PD teaches a variety of programs to local schools. The assignment for this class was to create a project that would involve the students with the community. Samantha Anderson and Taylor Pearson chose to do a fundraiser to purchase phone cards for the wounded soldiers at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

On Thursday, December 21, 2006 Shelle Michaels and North Dakota Army National Guard SFC Mike Selnes presented a very well-deserved award to the girls for their outstanding dedication and commitment to our wounded service members.

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