23 January 2007

Cpl Christopher Trevino - Returned to Duty

I know many of you are interested in follow ups about wounded troops who pass through Germany.

I recently received this note from Rose Trevino, mother of Cpl Christopher Trevino. Chris was treated at Landstuhl after suffering a fractured vertebrae as the result of an IED blast in October of last year.

She has given me permission to share it here.

The kids gave us this photo of the four of them for Christmas! Best gift we could ever get!
Top: Anthony, turned 16 in December. Christina, 18, begins second semester at SPC next week. Bottom: Crystal, 24, great mom, wife & daughter and works at the dispute resolution center since she was 16. Seated: Christopher, 25, good husband, dad, son and active United States Marine.

Wanted to let ya'll know that Christopher took off Thursday morning of last week to Camp Pendleton in California. He arrived safely on Saturday afternoon. It took him longer than expected to drive there because of snow he encountered in New Mexico and Arizona.

He is doing well. He is a remarkable young man and we are so proud of him. Every doctor, nurse, military health official that has examine him says his progress is "amazing".

He started his new duties on Monday. Tuesday he called and said he loves his new job.

When asked what he thought about the President's Announcement of more troops to Iraq Chris replied, "We gotta do - what we gotta do! If Bush asked me today to be in the front lines - I'd be there!

"Mom, remember to support me. I'm still an active Marine, Bush is my Commander in Chief. Just in case you're asked about this... "

I can read between the lines... I know he means he doesn't want anything negative said about any of Bush's decisions. So, for the record, "I support my son and support our President 100 percent!"

He was happy to get back to work and have his family in their new home. Chris loves outdoors and enjoys the weather and going to the beach and has taken to California like a fish to water.

Thank you for your prayers. Continue to pray and support all our troops... especially the few, the proud, the brave, the Marines!!!!

How we miss Chris, Crystal, Amaryah and Abram! Thank God for work... we have our grand-daughter at our school, otherwise we would be so sad as we have had Abram & Amaryah in our home every day since Chris left to Iraq in August. We became very attached to them. Funny what you miss when someone leaves. It's the little things and silly things you miss the most.

We were so busy enjoying all our children and grandchildren this holiday season that we didn't have time for anything else - not even much shopping or time to send Christmas cards.

These were the best holidays ever for our family and the best beginning of a new year. We didn't mean to neglect ya'll ... we just missed "US"


- Rose

We love you too, Rose, Chris and family!

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