11 October 2005

"These Backpacks are Great!"

On the Soldiers' Angels message board today, from Reneé:

I wanted to share with you what my adopted Soldier told me.

He was injured in Iraq and is now in a VA hospital in the states. He was in Germany first before they brought him state side.

I asked him if he received one of the backpacks while he was in Germany and he said yes.

Then he said, “You guys do that?” and I told him, “Yes, Soldiers Angels does the backpacks”.

He thinks that what we do is so amazing and that what he does is nothing important. He is the first Soldier that I have had that was hurt and I want to make sure that he knows how special he is.

He has been visited by other Angels in the area and is grateful for the company as am I.

I like knowing that although I can’t be there someone else is to keep him company. It means a lot and the backpacks are great.

Thank you all who help fill the backpacks!

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