16 October 2005

Thank You for Defending the Defenders

THANK YOU to bloggers GunnNutt and Andi, who regularly spend their Friday evenings in front of Walter Reed Medical Center supporting our wounded Heroes.

For months, the radical anti-war group Code Pink have been demonstrating in front of Walter Reed.

Other citizens like Andi and GunnNutt, many of them FreeRepublic readers, have made sure that supporters outnumber deomonstrators.

Andi's photo essay from this past Friday is here, and GunnNutt's can be found here.

GunnNutt also points to this post from fellow counter-protester and Iraqi-born Jesse, who witnessed his parents' murder by Saddam's Fedayheen as a child.

I soon found myself with a large crowd in front of me all quiet except for the rants in the background. So I asked them, "Why do you exercise your right to freedom of speech and expression while you want to deprive the Iraqis of theirs? How can you say Iraqis cannot have democracy and call George W. Bush the racist? How can you look an Iraqi in the face and claim to speak for him when he is on the other side of the fence?"

Several turned away in shame, as they should.

That weekend has reminded me and helped heal me of many of the scars of my past. I have seen the steadfast of the American people and above all the American soldiers who vow that they will never allow the mission to not be completed.

I know their message is true from first hand experience and soon the rest of the despot dictators of the world will know this as well.

Read the whole thing.

It's an honor to stand with you all.

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