14 October 2005

Canine Correspondence


Dear K-9 Heroes!

Hello, my name is Bandido and I am a Collie mix dog from Aruba, in the Dutch Caribbean. I am now living in Palm Beach, Florida and happy to be here. I am 12 years old this month!

I started off as a stray. My mother was a street dog and I did not know my father, she could not care for me, so I was left to fend for myself... I was only a couple of weeks old when my owners found me abandoned near the ocean in some cactus bushes.

They were so kind to take me home, and I behaved like an angel so that they would keep me. Stella my owner, fed me, bathed me and gave me tons of love.

We came back to the States from living in Aruba, five months ago, and I love it here. The airco is my favorite. I miss chasing iguanas and lizards, but chasing squirrels is kind of neat too, there are none in Aruba.

I wanted to write to thank all of you K-9s for all the great things you are doing over there with your soldiers, because of you, dogs like me can live a free and happy life here back home. You are true heroes to all of us in the animal world and the human world too! My owner Stella talks about the brave soldiers all the time... and of you guys sacrificing so much for all of us back home. Its an honor to salute you paws up!

Thanks for all you do and we hope you return home safely to some good treats soon.

Your four-legged friend,



Dear Bandido,

Hi my name is Polo, I am a Military Working dog. It has always been my dream to become a K-9 war hero just like many of my other relatives.

It took me a little while to get adjusted to military life which my first handlers can attest to. Now at 7 years old, myself and SSgt A. have been working together for 2 years. We have grown to be a very solid team together and think as one now, which I have learned is key to being a great team.

SSgt A. takes very good care of me by making sure I'm fed everyday, bathing me when I need it, playing with me, making work fun and giving me lots of fun. Although I just turned 7 this month I still act like a puppy, I am full of energy and a love for life which my handler shares with me.

I am on a strict diet for K-9s but I enjoy an occasional doggy biscuit when I’m good. I love to chase and chew on just about anything. I work very hard for a ball or a kong when I’m working, but when it's my free time I love jumping and catching my Frisbee. It’s a fun game me and my handler like to play. People say I'm too big to be a Frisbee dog but I think I am better than most.

My handler loves playing this with me because he says it makes me run faster and able to jump and take down the bad guys better. I also love to bite bad guys but only when my handler tells me to. I will protect my handler at all cost just like he would do for me.

Once again we are deployed to a far away place that is nothing like home and it is very hot. I try my best to get used to the heat and do my job under the stressful conditions. I just keep in mind how important our job is to protect the public and the base. My job is to sniff out any explosives or weapons that could hurt people and I get my favorite toy when I find it.

I also thank you for your support out here where it is very much appreciated that people care about what we’re doing. Receiving great touching letters like yours gives us motivation to keep doing our job every day to the best of our abilities. The thought of laying our lives down on the line for our country is made easier when we know people like you can enjoy your way of life.

Thanks again,
Military Working Dog

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