19 October 2005

Coming Home

Dear Soldiers’ Angels,

I'd like to say thank you to everyone that has mailed items, cards, pictures, and anything else over the past few months.

Most of our unit has moved on, and I leave in a month. I think it's best if we drop my posting on Soldiers’ Angels. I wouldn't want the packages and letters to get delivered here, then be lost or go unused.

It's a great thing, what people back in the states are doing. It makes us feel good to get something in the mail, and troops here really get a feeling that there's a groundswell of support for military people involved with the anti-terror operations.

I think organizations like Soldiers’ Angels are accomplishing everything they set out to do... they're connecting concerned people in the states with troops that want to have some feedback. Support for me was great, thank you once again.

If I'm ever in Iraq again, I'll be sure to sign in, at Soldiers’ Angels!!!


On a related note, see Mudville Gazette's post on Holidays for Heroes here.

And thanks to SMASH at The Indepundit for the Open Post.

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