07 August 2005

“Look around, stand up, do something to help.”

Interview with the founder of Soldiers’ Angels

That statement is typical of Patti Patton-Bader, founder of Soldiers’ Angels. Patti has started an organization that is about empowerment: “get involved, take control” is another quote from this interview. She goes on to say that cash donations from companies and individuals are wonderful, but what she really wants to see is people putting together their own care packages, writing letters, and really “adopting a new family member”.

Find out more about this virtual community of over 40,000 Angels and the teams who send out 9000 letters each month, plant trees in memory of fallen soldiers, assist military families, and have even started a Soldiers’ Angels Coffee Shop in Iraq.

Milblogger Blackfive has also written a wonderful tribute to Patti called, “If it wasn’t for her…” which is a must read.

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