30 August 2005

The Candy Guy - Parts VI and VII

Li'l something for the Richard fans out there...

Hey Sara, just got your latest package, and I thank you for it.

All is well here, and everyone that wanted an Angel is getting one. Thanks a million! Your organization is really, really appreciated by everyone here. It is helping us soldiers personally, and it is helping our entire mission.

Us medics have routine medcaps, where we see hundreds of Iraqis in one day. We give them meds and blankets and things. And we give out ya'lls candy. This gives them a favorable impression of us, and makes them less likely to support terrorism against us.

You are a part of this and are saving American lives - thanks.

Write you later, Richard....

Hey Sara, there is one more soldier here that you could add to the Soldiers' Angels list, if you would.

He is not a medic but is in one of the line companies that regularly goes out on missions. A real good fellow, through and through. He is another one of the gunners that loves to give candy out to the kids. This would make his day to have a constant supply of candy and stuff sent to him to give out to the kids.

We were out on patrol today and he was there above me, in the gunner hatch, giving out his own candy, and some of the candy I gave him to give out. After he was finished he looked down at me and said: "that sure was fun!"

When we got back in, today, he repeated this same statement, about how much fun he had giving out the candy. This would make it for him, the rest of the time he is here, if he has a supply of candy to throw out to the kids.

The people here, by the way, are very friendly toward us, and ya'll are helping us strive to keep it this way. It is August now, and only a year ago there was a major war with the people here.

Well, thanks a lot again.

If you would like to send some hard candy to Richard for him to hand out please email me.

Contributed by:
Sara of Soldiers' Angels USA and "her" soldier Richard from Iraq

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