16 August 2005

The Candy Guy, Part IV

Another installment from Richard, the "Candy Guy", in Iraq.

Hey ya'll, just wanted to do a quick write-up for everyone.

We went out this morning to the IP station in our city. I had a bunch of candy, from the Soldiers' Angels, that needed giving out. So I gave our gunner D. the box to throw out of the gunner hatch as we rode by the houses down the road, on the corner by the school. Every morning they are waiting for us there.

They all have very colorful clothes on - esp the little girls. I have just learned that the further you are out in the country the more colorful is the clothes, and the colors often signify what tribe they belong to. This was from my Iranian friend back in the U.S.. I have noticed this, and the further we get in the country, the brighter their clothes become, and even some of the grown women wear them.

But these kids are really cute, and they stand on the side of the road, every morning, just waiting for us: their entire lives revolve around this. And this is because we always throw them stuff. Our driver, R., told D., "only give it to the little girls, they don't never get anything!" And this is what I always do when I am out: the girls are oppressed in this society, and only give it to them.

I am being run off the comp and will have to finish this in a min.. Richard...

If you would like to send some hard candy to Richard for him to hand out please email me.

Contributed by:
Sara of Soldiers' Angels USA and "her" soldier Richard from Iraq

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