22 August 2005

“If I have to explain patriotism to somebody, they will never understand anyway”

Soldiers' Angel Connie received these comments today from a deployed Soldier in response to yesterday’s Washington Post article about CPT Ziegenfuss and Soldiers’ Angels.

A very nice article and good press for a good organization that is doing its best at being a friend with a helping hand. It is warming to know that there are still people like you that do care and share the time and patience needed to deal with people that they do not know.

Angels like you are the example I will tell my children about, when I try to explain what makes this country great and why I chose to do what I could by serving in the military.

They may ask me why I did this while looking at someone that spends all their time trying to gain wealth and power without ever giving anything back. They may see someone else that just likes to protest about the war and calls the soldiers baby killers and war-mongers. I have had people that wanted to start a fight over the fact that I was a soldier saying that anything I did was wrong and how could I support this administration.

I mostly just walk away because I feel that if I have to try to explain patriotism to someone then they will never understand anyway. There are people that I often feel should be moved to these countries so they can see for themselves what it is like over here and they might catch a glint of what my pride in America is based on.

I love to have people like YOU that serve with pride in the way that you can, even if it is not in the service, you are serving your country.

Thank you for the article and God Bless you All!

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