29 June 2010

They don't call 'em Jarheads for nothin'

A kid comes walking through the lobby of the outpatient barracks wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

CQ (Charge of Quarters, i.e., the on duty person responsible for the barracks and its patients): Are you on pass? (Civilian clothing may only be worn when on pass.)

Kid: Huh?

CQ: Are you on pass?

Kid: I don't know what that is.

CQ: Are you WTU? (Civlian clothing may be worn by patients here for the 8-week PTSD program. They are then considered WTU instead of MTD patients.)

Kid: Huh?

CQ: Are you WTU?

Kid: I don't know what that is.

CQ: Did you get the briefing?

Kid: Huh?

CQ: The patient inprocessing briefing - did you get it?

Kid: ....

The CQ thinks for a minute, then asks, "Are you a Marine?"

Kid: Yeah.

(Just kidding!! Everyone knows I love the Marines. Especially this one.)

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