23 June 2010

Band of Brothers: The General is a Soldier

A message from Patti Patton-Bader, Soldiers' Angels Founder.

Our thoughts and prayers go out for General McChrystal, the brave leader of our troops in Afghanistan who probably needs some friends right now. He has served his country during a very difficult time, with an unimaginable weight of responsibility for lives both civilian and military resting on his shoulders.

Like his great predecessor with whom I share a name, he has found that the intersection of war and politics has its own challenges.

The Soldiers' Angels spirit is to have the backs of all our soldiers, from the lowliest private right up through the generals. We don’t take a stand on politics/policy or on conflicts up or down the chain of command, but we always remember that these are real people fighting a really hard war.

The General has done what he believed needed to be done in leading that war and we support him for that. Our support is not about politics. It’s about a Soldier who has served to the best of his abilities and who has our appreciation and love for having done so.

I can only Imagine what General Patton would be saying during these times, and how many times he would be called to the Big Office himself.

Thank you for your service, Sir.


Northstar96sc said...

Thank you General McChrystal-I stand with you and I say, Bite Me Joe Biden.
One day these joker's will leave the war to the Generals

brat said...

I also stand WITH General McChrystal in unonditional, non political support..

jeff said...

Everyone in the military I know stands behind the General and what he said. He spoke nothing but the truth. One day America wiil wake up.

George Monroe said...

General McChrystal, thank you for your service to this great country.
you have our utmost respect.
    george monroe