16 June 2010

Racing the clock of life

SGT Adam Connaughton and litter team from Company C, Sixth Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment carry a patient to a waiting MEDEVAC helicopter near Kandahar. Courtesy photo.

Adam's friend Matthew Kinney, now a flight medic instructor at Ft. Rucker, coined the title of this photo when he remarked to Adam, "I miss running with you. I miss running, racing the clock of life."

You'll remember both Matthew and Adam from their 2008 deployment in Afghanistan.

In that interview Adam also spoke about "running, racing the clock of life":

Connaughton felt it after his second mission, left behind by his damaged helicopter — realizing he was running across the rocky ground and getting shot at for the first time, moments later carrying a soldier with a blown-off leg across a river to a second bird.

It was "pure amazement," he says. It was something he thought could never happen. And he’s talking about himself.

"All you can do is try," he says, "and move as fast as possible."

Stay safe out there, Adam. We love you guys.

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