14 December 2009

The Price of Peace

"The Price of Peace" was written by Alyssa Gaddis (age 12) and Hart Steen. This video was created by the National Guard's Strength Maintenance Support Center near Nashville, Tennessee and filmed in October, 2008. The video was Directed by Joel Evans, who works with the National Guard in Tennessee. Alyssa Gaddis and her sister Cassy Gaddis (age 16) beautifully honor National Guard Soldiers and their military families who know "The Price of Peace." The song was funded by State Farm Insurance. Thank you to CW5 Jim Gaddis and Mrs. Annette Gaddis and to the girls for this Tribute to Soldiers and Tribute to all our Troops!

Yesterday, the National Guard celebrated 373 years of service to our Nation. Because of you, your families, and your employers, the National Guard is Always Ready, and Always There.

Thank you and Happy Birthday!

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