12 December 2009

Elementary school teacher and KBR team up to support troops

Colonel Jody Nelson of the 4th Brigade, Special Troops Battalion sits with Afghani women. Turner Elementary School and KBR have been supporting the soldiers of her battalion. Among many other activities, COL Nelson has been helping set up a carpet-making factory/training facility for local women. Courtesy photo.

Angels at Work from School to KBR

Once again, employees of Soldiers’ Angels corporate sponsor KBR have stepped up to support the troops. This time, they sent 1,116 Holiday care packages to Afghanistan! With the assistance of Mariam Weaver, a teacher at Turner Elementary in Pasadena, Texas, KBR packed and shipped 188 boxes of Holiday Cheer to the deployed battalion they’ve been supporting company-wide.

It started with Mrs. Weaver and her students, who have participated in Soldiers’ Angels Holiday support activities for several years now. This year the students and parents filled 1,116 large Ziploc bags with candy, snacks and socks, then handed the bags off to KBR. Employees then kicked the bags up a notch with additional candy and toiletry items, and off went the packages to Afghanistan.

The Soldiers' Angels contact in Afghanistan, Colonel Jody Nelson, was thrilled to hear the news:
You are absolutely AMAZING!! The troops are going to be so happy! The outpouring of support and downright love this holiday season is awesome! My last deployment there wasn't as many that remembered that Soldiers were out here - or that many were. It's great to get all this stuff - it's a great reminder for the Soldiers that there are folks back home that have them in their prayers and hearts.

Angel and KBR employee Marilyn Prewitt has led the way in the company’s association with Soldiers’ Angels — each time she starts a new work project, she invites her coworkers to participate in what she calls a “soldier event.” Last time this year, KBR employees sent Christmas decorations and party supplies, games, etc., to a combat support hospital in Iraq to bring cheer to the medical personnel and patients.

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