03 August 2009

Long live the Coalition!

While hanging out with a couple of Polish patients this weekend, I excitedly told them their new neighbor across the hall was a Romanian. As Americans, we tend to believe all these "foreigners" want to meet each other - and the fact is, they usually do.

Just then I saw the Romanian guy walking into his room so I excitedly called him over. One of the Polish Soldiers stood up, went over to him, and with a big smile on his face said,

"Jestem Polak!"

Well, the Romanian guy looked at him like "so what, Bud" and deadpanned,

"Eu sint din Romania."

Then basically turned on his heel and walked out.

"Ah, yes," quipped the Polish guy with a wry look on his face. "The Coalition!"

It was pretty funny. But maybe you had to be there...

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