26 August 2009

Angels of Comfort: A Message from the Soldiers' Angels Living Legends Team

Soldiers' Angel Cynthia is a part of the Living Legends team, which provides condolences and comfort to families of the fallen through letters, cards, and very special gifts of remembrance. Cynthia is personally responsible for contacting families and offering them a tree or wreath in memory of their loved one. She also makes sure any young children involved receive a Patches teddy bear, which is specially crafted to help them express their emotions amid the tragedy of losing a parent.

The last two months have seen a high rate of casualties, especially in Afghanistan, and the Living Legends team has been very busy. Cynthia recently shared with the rest of the team:

...After talking with family after family the last few days, I thought it was time to make sure each and every one of you understands how very important you are and what a special thing it is you are doing. Mother after mother, wife after wife, father after father, and husband after husband have told me how much those cards mean to them.

Not once in the two years I have been doing this have I ever had to explain Soldiers' Angels to any of our families--each and every person knew, and the appreciation is so enormous. One Grandfather told me this weekend that we have done so much for them that they hated to impose anymore by taking a tree. I'm told over and over how amazed they are that people all over the country--people they don't know--would be so kind, go to such trouble for them.

Each of you, when you send a card, is a wonderful ambassador for Soldiers' Angels and you make my job at little easier. Some families have told me that at especially rough times, they go back to their box of Angel cards and read them again for comfort. It doesn't matter that none of us have the perfect words--when I call, I certainly don't because there simply are none--but the fact that you reach out to them means so much, they are so grateful that people care; you just can't imagine.

So, if ever you feel that your one card doesn't matter, that you can't possibly say anything that will make a difference, don't you dare stop! You are a lifeline to so many, and those cards and letters will carry into the future. Sadly, many of our heroes have children they never met or who are too young to remember who Mom or Dad was. Your cards are being kept to give to those children and hopefully your words will help these children fill that empty place with the understanding that Mom or Dad was very special--so special, so appreciated, that people from all over the States wrote to say so.

So, thank you again. I, too, appreciate the caring and thoughtful way you pave the road for me. The bios [on each fallen hero, researched and assembled by Living Legend team members] are so helpful to me because I can read each one, and when I talk to one of our families I know something about them, which makes me a little more like a long-lost friend that a stranger. Plus, I see the photos and sometimes it helps me know what to say. I know putting those bios together is not an easy job, reading them isn't easy either and you know what?--It really shouldn't be.

- Cynthia

Soldiers' Angels proudly gives its most respectful salute to the amazing Angels of the Living Legends team. They willingly step into the most painful of situations, honoring America's heroes and comforting their grieving families during the most difficult time. They are truly Angels of a most special breed.

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