12 August 2009

“I am single, I am sexy, and I am wounded.”

SPC Christopher "Kit" Lowe with ANA soldiers.

From Rex of Afghanistan: My Last Tour about his recently wounded friend SPC Christopher Santiago Lowe of the Georgia Army National Guard’s 108th BCT, 48th Brigade.

I had an opportunity to speak with Lowe on the phone yesterday. He had just come out of another surgery and was still pretty groggy from the drugs, but I was able to decipher his muttering. I told him he was a hero! He said, “Senior, I am not a hero, I was only doing my job.” The doctors were able to save his leg and this morning he is on a plane flying to Walter Reed hospital in Maryland.

As a result of my blog, his mother Sandi has becomes friends with my wife and kept her informed of Lowe’s progress. Marine “Master Guns” also talked with Lowe too. It’s obvious he still has his sense of humor about him. He is quoted as saying to the female nurses “I am single, I am sexy, and I am wounded.”

Christopher didn't sound quite that perky when we briefly met just after his arrival at Landstuhl, so this is good to hear.

But the real story is about how he was hurt:

Marine Captain Matt Freeman crawled on top of the roof looking for advantage points and was fatally hit by a bullet. “Doc” the medic was trying to provide assistance and recover the body. Doc yelled out for some help and Lowe’s reflexes took over as he scrambled up a ladder to the roof.

Read the rest at Rex's.

Wishing Christopher all the best for a speedy recovery.

Our hearts go out to the family of Captain Freeman. We'll always remember him, and may he rest in peace.

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