22 June 2009

Happy 5th Alive Day, Chuck!

Five years ago yesterday, (then Captain, now Major) Charles "Chuck" Ziegenfuss was nearly killed by an IED while serving in Iraq. As you can see by that entry, Chuck had been blogging from theater before getting blown up and his amazing wife Carren posted the news to his readers.

Early in his recovery, Carren kept everyone up to date. But Chuck needed to blog, and out of a laptop from Soldiers' Angels and a donation for voice-activation software from an anonymous reader, Project Valour-IT was born.

We've laughed and cried for and been inspired by this brave couple through scores of surgeries, the craziness that is Walter Reed, pain management, Valour-IT fundraisers, return to active duty and promotion (HOOAH!), and just plain daily life. Through it all, they've shown grace, compassion for others, and have never lost their sense of humor.

Please take just a moment (even if you don't know him!) and go over to Chuck's place and wish him a Happy Alive Day. Chuck, we're so thankful you're still here with us. Much love to you and Carren!

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