18 June 2009

A couple of votes, please

I know these can get annoying, but contests like this are an incredibly easy and FREE way to help deserving organizations and individuals receive cash, services, or just plain old well-deserved recognition.

First up, vote at CommuniCause.com to help Soldiers' Angels receive a social media "makeover".

Next, we'd like to recognize Sheryl Walker as Dickies American Worker of the Year.

- Please go to the Dickies Work Gear site (Sheryl spends an awful lot of time in their boots and coveralls) at www.workeroftheyear.com

- Then click on the "worker gallery" up top.

- Enter "Sheryl" in the search box to find her.

- Click on Vote!

Some of you may know Sheryl as the Leader of SA's Development Team, where she works tirelessly to obtain grants for the organization. This from her daughter, who nominated her:

What many of you don't know is my mom took that job down at the refinery after she and my dad divorced when me and Dean were just 2 and 3. She wanted a job that paid well and took care of us. She worked nights and managed to be at every one of our school events, little league games and scout meetings. She wears a hard hat, coveralls and swings a mean pipe wrench doing 12-hour shifts. She is on the fire brigade, HAZMAT, confined space rescue teams. She is the only female production in the production area and shares the department bathroom with 32 guys. She deserves an award for that alone.

Now my brother Dean is in the Navy and I am out of college and on my own. Mom could be kicking back and relaxing but instead she works three 12-hour shifts a week and then uses the extra days off to put in another full 40-plus hours a week for Soldiers' Angels. Her work isn't always fun. Many times when I go over there she has a ponytail stuck full of pencils and is cussing (she's little rough from the refinery but cleans up well.... just kidding mom) as she sorts through a pile of grant applications and report forms but she never quits. When she's not raising money, she's taking vets fishing at the family camper down at the lake or working on some other project for her heroes in the sandbox.

My mother has always felt that everything she has is because someone past, present or future fought for her right to have it. She works hard both at her real job and her volunteer work. She is truly one of the best examples of a proud American. I can tell you this right now, if my mom wins the most exciting thing for her will be giving the prizes away to her heroes, she won't keep them for herself. Please help me show my mom that she is the American Worker of the Year.

You can only vote once per email address but at the end of the week the vote resets for a new round and you can vote for the next week's winner. Please tell your friends and families to help. Me and my brother Dean truly thank you for your help in showing mom what an amazing lady we think she is.

Thanks for your support, and pass it on!

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