13 April 2009

Happy (belated) Easter!!

An Easter basket in the patient inprocessing area of the Medical Transient Detachment (outpatient facility) at Landstuhl. To give you an idea of perspective, those chocolate bunnies are about 4 inches tall.

And here's two more baskets. Jessica assembled and decorated the baskets for the third year in a row and always does a wonderful job. Here she is in 2007.

Another thing on the agenda this weekend was putting up the new shelving in one of our storage rooms. But before you can assemble the shelves, everything's got to come out of the room...

The hallway fills up with boxes from one side of the storage room.

Jens, Heidi, and Yvonne try to convince me they know what they're doing.

Wow! I guess they do!

Heidi and Yvonne start getting the clothing out of the boxes and on to the shelves.

Did I mention there's more than one wall?

Running out of gas :-)

Jens, the completed shelves, and the tower of razors.

Great job, guys! You rock!

And that's me with Yvonne.

Over the long weekend we also picked up a truckload of freight from the APO, did our weekly shopping to stock up the kitchen for the outpatients, visited hospital inpatients on behalf of their families, made our weekly rounds to the nurses' stations with candy and coffee for them and supplies for their patients, and of course kept the donations shelves for the outpatients stocked with blankets, clothing, and personal care items.

Our thanks to everyone who supports Soldiers' Angels. We couldn't do all this without you!

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