29 April 2009

2009 MilBlog Conference

No way I'm going to have time to blog about the conference myself before going to Landstuhl tomorrow for the long weekend, but to quote Greyhawk:


Speaking of Greyhawk, he has a comprehensive list of other bloggers' posts here. One of the best overall summaries of the weekend (aside from the live blogging) is from TSO at This Ain't Hell, incorporating some of the video highlights of the conference.

This photo is a must-see. The story behind it was the "Jail and Bail" fundraiser for Honor Their Service which took place at the cocktail party Friday night. Great fun was had arresting and bailing out various milbloggers for a very good cause.

Special guest at the conference for a Q&A session via VTC from Baghdad was Major General Michael Oates of the 10th Mountain Division - who also happens to be a blogger. Part one here, and parts two and three here. Thank you MG Oates for your time!

While in DC I was invited to go to Bethesda with Ricky John and Beth of Soldiers' Angels and was able to visit one of "our" patients recently medevaced from Landstuhl. Our thanks to Kassie of SA and the Marines at Bethesda for hosting us.

And last but not least, huge thanks and kudos to Military.com and Andi Hurley for another fabulous conference.

Being so out of the loop over here, it was great to catch up with some good friends whom I haven't seen in a while (you know who you are). See you all next year!

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